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Upon notification of the student’s decision to pursue further appeal, the instructional dean will notify in writing the student, the faculty member, and the vice chancellor, instruction that the dispute will be referred within five class days to an appeals committee for review. Making false accusations or `perpetrating hoaxes regarding the safety of the College District, students, employees, or visitors. A report may be made orally or in writing. Records may be reviewed in person during regular business hours without charge upon written request to the records custodian. However, an institution has the authority to enforce reasonable regulations as to the time, place, and manner of speech and its dissemination. A completed copy of the student’s transcript signed and notarized by the principal or head of instruction, showing the last semester’s grades and date of graduation. The confidential nature of the student’s records shall be maintained at all times. Physical contact not reasonably construed as sexual in nature is not sexual harassment. The records of the Second Church of Boston were placed on deposit at the Massachusetts Historical Society in three installments: in March 1929 by Second Church and in December 1971 and February 1991 by First and Second Church. Additionally, academically under-prepared students enrolling in some Technical Education courses will be required to enroll in developmental courses that have been paired with these courses, in accordance with Blinn College policies. The materials contain defamatory statements about public figures or others. A student who wishes to appeal the faculty member’s decision may appeal according to the process below. [See FFD for complaints regarding discrimination, harassment, and retaliation; FFE for initial complaints regarding bullying; FG for complaints regarding student housing; FLDB for course grade complaints; and FMA for discipline hearing procedures]. Student complaints regarding disciplinary issues are covered by separate procedures [see FM and FMA]. A report against the District Chancellor or designee may be made directly to the Board. It is the responsibility of faculty to maintain scholastic integrity at the College District by refusing to tolerate any form of scholastic dishonesty. Position: Director, Disability Services, Bryan The committee shall exclude irrelevant, immaterial, and unduly repetitious evidence. A student who falls below a 2.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA) at the close of any long semester or summer school will be placed on scholastic probation. At minimum, each institution must file and maintain a copy of one or more appropriately dated documents which will certify that the student classified as a resident has legal right to such classification as of the official census date of the semester or term for which enrolling. Address: 104 Administration Building, Brenham Campus 902 College Avenue, Brenham, TX 77833 It establishes the right of students to inspect and review their educational records. To the greatest extent possible, the College District shall respect the privacy of the complainant, persons against whom a report is filed, and witnesses. If the vice chancellor, student services or designee determines that the student committed a violation of College District policies and/or procedures that warrants a sanction, the vice chancellor, student services or designee shall inform the student in writing of the determination and the student’s right of disciplinary appeal. Information regarding this policy and accompanying procedures shall annually be made available to College District employees and students and shall be published on the College District’s website. Violations of federal, state, or local law or College District policies, procedures, or rules, including the college catalog. Office Telephone (979) 830-4150, BRYAN CAMPUS Who has been given the duty of reporting incidents of prohibited conduct. Spend less. Examples of sexual harassment of a student may include sexual advances; touching intimate body parts or coercing physical contact that is sexual in nature; jokes or conversations of a sexual nature; rape; sexual assault; sexual battery; sexual coercion; and other sexually motivated conduct, communications, or contact. If it is before the high school can certify that the student has graduated, they will need to submit another one after graduation. The campus police or campus director or designee shall conduct an appropriate investigation based on the allegations in the report. A student placed on scholastic suspension will not be allowed to attend Blinn College for one long (fall, spring) semester. Administrative procedures adopted pursuant to this policy shall not discriminate based on the content or viewpoint of the literature or on the expected reaction of others to the literature. Moreover, each institution must establish standards for “Good Cause” drops (SB 1231) Rule §4.10. Students who live in on-campus housing may place a posting on the doors of their rooms to which they are assigned in accordance with administrative procedures. A governmental entity, including a college district, shall take no action respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Board for a redress of grievances. The report shall include a determination of whether bullying or retaliation, as defined by this policy, occurred. Since a student may only enroll in one class, a drop in the minimester is a complete withdrawal and the grade status becomes a “W”. Tobacco use through any or no device in College District-owned, -leased, or -controlled vehicles, buildings, property, or other facilities. The student shall be afforded the following rights within the academic appeals hearing process: If the student wishes to appeal the findings at any level, it is the sole responsibility of the student to provide written notice of his or her intention, in that regard, to the administrator at the next highest level within the time frame(s) provided by this policy. Maintained a residence continuously in this state for: The three years (36 months) immediately preceding the date of graduation or receipt of the diploma equivalent, as applicable; and, The year (12 months) preceding the census date of the academic term in which the person is enrolled in an institution. It is the student’s responsibility to be familiar with the grading process and seek clarification when needed. Discussion regarding the same shall be made by the party who is conducting the hearing. Credit, up to 12 hours, will be granted only if the student completes 6 semester hours at Blinn College and earns a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0. Click "Submit". See website for details: English Proficiency Test Scores: Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Testing Systems (IELTS). This must be submitted to admissions. The College will not disclose or confirm directory information without meeting the written consent requirements in 34 CFR 99.30 if a student’s Social Security Number or other non-directory information is used alone or combined with other data elements to identify or help identify the student or the student’s records. Copies of the policy and procedures shall be readily available at the College District’s administrative offices and shall be distributed to a student who makes a report. Classes are dropped for non-payment nightly. An Evidence-Based Reading and Writing score of 480+ will be exempt from reading and writing testing. 4. You can apply at; Submit your High School transcripts to the Blinn Admissions office (this does not have to be your final graduated transcript). Official transcripts can be requested from Blinn College in one of two ways - online or in person (online requests are preferred and processed within 24 hours of receipt). At the request of the vice chancellor, student services or an appointed designee. Bullying occurs when a student or group of students engages in written or verbal expression, expression through electronic means, or physical conduct that occurs on College District property, at a College District-sponsored or College District-related activity, or in a vehicle operated by the College District and that: Bullying of a student may include hazing, threats, taunting, teasing, confinement, assault, demands for money, destruction of property, theft of valued possessions, name-calling, rumor spreading, or ostracism. After conferring with the student, if the vice chancellor, student services or designee determines that the student did not commit a violation of College District policies and/or procedures, including the rules of student conduct, then the allegation(s) shall be dismissed as unfounded. When admitted, the student will receive instructions for logging into his/her myBlinn account. Counseling Log in to myBLINN. Read more ›› To obtain assistance and intervention, any student who believes that he or she has experienced bullying or believes that another student has experienced bullying should immediately report the alleged acts to an instructor, counselor, administrator, or other College District employee. This act was designed to protect the privacy of student educational records. “Established domicile in Texas means physically residing in Texas with the intent to maintain domicile in Texas for at least the 12 consecutive months immediately preceding the census date of the term of enrollment, allowing for documented temporary absences. If the results of an investigation indicate that prohibited conduct occurred, the College District shall promptly respond by taking appropriate disciplinary or corrective action reasonably calculated to address the conduct in accordance with College District policy and procedures [see FM and FMA]. Other visa types may have specific requirements and restrictions Students who do not currently have a visa but are seeking the F-1 visa to study at Blinn College in either the associate or career/technical applied science degree programs. A failure to immediately report may impair the College District’s ability to investigate and address the prohibited conduct. Failure to provide identification when requested to do so by College District personnel. A full-time student is one who is registered for 12 or more semester hours in a regular term or 4 or more hours in a summer term. Students are recommended to take either or both of these tests and have their scores sent to the college. A student who has an unresolved disagreement or dissatisfaction with the College District, a faculty or staff member, another student, student group or administrator has the right to file a written complaint without prejudicing his or her status with the College District. The student must request that an official transcript be sent to the Office of Admissions and Records at Blinn College. The investigation may also include analysis of other information or documents related to the allegations. The College District may request, but shall not require, a written report. The chairperson shall inform the student of the committee’s decision and sanction, if any, immediately following the hearing. Parking, Tuition and Fees Student Accounts 19 TAC 21.24(e)-(g), The student has the burden of proof to show by clear and convincing evidence that residence or domicile, as appropriate, has been established and maintained. Position: Director, Disability Services Enter the school you attended that you need your transcript or other record type sent from. Except when a student has been suspended from the campus by the District Chancellor or designee, all penalties except interim suspension or expulsion shall be held in abeyance until the student accepts the penalty given or the appeals process has ended. An official transcript of college credits is a record of a student’s academic record bearing the Blinn College District seal and the signature of the Registrar. Reports of prohibited conduct shall be made as soon as possible after the alleged act or knowledge of the alleged act. For specific rules related to the free speech area for each campus contact: BRENHAM CAMPUS In many cases, the maximum number of lower-division semester credit hours accepted in transfer is sixty-six (66), although some universities may accept slightly more in special cases. A grade of “Q” or “W” will be given for student-initiated withdrawals that are submitted on or before the withdrawal deadline. 19 TAC 21.24(b). When reasonably necessary to avoid likely confusion, literature distributed by a registered student organization must include a disclaimer indicating that the literature is not sponsored by the College District and does not represent the views of the College District or College District officials, faculty, or staff. The College District prohibits bullying as defined by this policy. 19 TAC 21.22(10) Blinn Board Policy FDA (LEGAL). Scores/ exemptions must be furnished on an official document at the time of registration by the high school or the student. Brenham campus at 979-830-4800 or go to, Bryan Campus at 979-209-7364 or go to, Schulenburg campus at 979-743-5200 or go to The Enrollment Services team members strive to provide enrollment-related services that are seamless, customer-friendly, and efficient in order to better service the students. Students will need to successfully complete the course sequence to be considered “College Ready” in each section. The grading system for Health Science programs may differ from the approved Blinn College Grading Scale as noted in their program handbook and course syllabi. “Cheating” shall include, but shall not be limited to: “Plagiarism” shall be defined as the appropriating, buying, receiving as a gift, or obtaining by any means another’s work and the unacknowledged submission or incorporation of it in one’s own written work. Failure to resolve the issue will result in the transcript request being cancelled. the forum’s nature and compatibility with particular speech. Likewise, a student who is not subject to the Success Initiative rules and acquires the equivalent of two weeks of absences will also be withdrawn from the course. Students not meeting these standards in competitive entry programs may continue to enroll in courses outside the discipline as long as they maintain minimum college requirements. Initiations by organizations that include features that are dangerous, harmful, or degrading to the student, a violation of which also renders the organization subject to appropriate discipline. For Schulenburg Workforce Education information, contact 979-743-5237 or the Administration Building. A student who intentionally makes a false claim, offers false statements, or refuses to cooperate with a College District, Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness, Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor and General Counsel, Limitation on the Number of Transfer Hours, Important Information Related to Adding/Dropping/Deadlines of Courses, Withdrawals for Excessive Absences and the Six Drop Rule, Student Complaints: Course Grade Complaints Policy, Scholastic Integrity -Faculty Responsibility and Student Rights, Student Rights and Responsibilities: Student Complaints Policy, Student Rights and Responsibilities: Student Expression Policy, Student Rights and Responsibilities: Student Conduct Policy, Student Conduct: Prohibited Organizations and Hazing Policy, Discipline and Penalties: Discipline Hearings Procedures Policy, Student Welfare: Freedom from Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation Policy, Student Welfare: Freedom from Bullying Policy,,, Crime Statistics and Drug-Free College Information, Acalog™ Academic Catalog Management System™ (ACMS™). Once the student has determined their “track”, refer to the second chart for the course sequence the student is required to complete prior to enrolling in the related academic courses. Demonstrate courtesy, even when others do not; Behave in a responsible manner, always exercising self-discipline; Attend all classes, regularly and on time; Prepare for each class and take appropriate materials and assignments to class; Respect the rights and privileges of students, faculty, and other College District staff and volunteers; Respect the property of others, including College District property and facilities; and. Faculty will clearly outline their grading procedure in their course syllabus. For those who do not have a myBlinn account, transcripts can be requested here. The use, possession, control, manufacture, transmission, or sale of paraphernalia related to any prohibited substance. All documents submitted to Blinn College become the property of the college upon receipt and should be turned in or mailed to the appropriate campus: The instructional dean shall put in writing his or her findings and related decision. Nonschool literature shall not be distributed by students or registered student organizations on College District property if: The vice chancellor, student services or designee shall designate times, locations, and means by which nonschool literature that complies with this policy, may be made available or distributed by students or registered student organizations to students or others on College District premises. Who has the authority to remedy prohibited conduct. $7.00 for each “unofficial” copy requested. A student who intentionally makes a false claim, offers false statements, or refuses to cooperate with a College District investigation regarding bullying or retaliation as defined by this policy shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action. NO PERSONAL CHECKS ARE ACCEPTED . Office Telephone (979) 209-7400, SCHULENBURG CAMPUS 2016. Blinn College does not require students to take either the ACT or SAT test for admittance. Address: 124 F Building, Bryan Campus, 2423 Blinn Boulevard, Bryan, TX 77805 two digits of your student ID number. To distinguish between a designated public forum and a limited public forum, courts consider two factors: If an institution has not opened a public forum, it remains a “nonpublic forum”. Transcript services produces and distributes official transcripts for all currently and previously enrolled students, dating back to 1883. The committee members shall meet alone to deliberate the case. Willful and malicious behavior that interrupts the speaker of any lawful assembly or impairs the lawful right of others to participate effectively in such assembly or meeting when there is reason to believe that such conduct will cause or provoke a disturbance. After discussing the incident with the student, the faculty member may dismiss the allegation, issue a verbal warning, issue a written warning (to be forwarded to Student Services for recordkeeping), assign a grade to the assignment, dismiss the student from the class, and/or assign a grade for the class. Hand-carried signs may not be used in a manner that blocks or obstructs windows or pedestrian or vehicular traffic. The address for the custodian of records shall be included in the Annual Notice of Student Rights under 20 U.S.C. The sooner the developmental sequence is completed with a grade of “C” or better, the sooner the related academic courses may be attempted. No exceptions will be made to these deadlines. See website for admissions requirements & semester deadlines: Email:, Name: Dr. Bennie Graves Before filing a written complaint under this policy, the student must first have attempted to resolve the issue by discussing the concern with the person involved, if possible, and the appropriate dean or supervisor. At the request of a student appealing an administrative disposition. For the purposes of this policy, “sign” shall be defined as a hand-held billboard, decal, notice, placard, poster, banner, or other message-bearing material that can be held or carried by a person, and “posting” shall be defined as any means used for displaying a sign in a fixed location. Discrimination against a student is defined as conduct directed at a student on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, disability, age, or on any other basis prohibited by law, that adversely affects the student. [See DIA series and FFD series], The materials constitute impermissible solicitation. Two hours of Kinesiology credit will be awarded to students who have completed basic training. If admitted under this “academic fresh start” provision, the student may not receive any course credit for courses undertaken 10 or more years prior to enrollment. Click "Submit". The instructional dean will notify the appropriate vice chancellor, instruction of this decision in writing within one class day. The term “educational records” means those records, files, documents, and other materials that contain information directly related to a student and are maintained by Blinn College. Students transferring from another college with less than a 2.0 GPA, if admitted, are admitted on scholastic probation. Possessing published or electronic material that is designed to promote or encourage illegal behavior or that could threaten the safety of the College District, students, employees, or visitors. Depending upon their status, students may be required to take a test for TSI compliance and/or for placement (see the Texas Success Initiative section). Failure to comply with directives given by College District personnel. Citizenship and Immigration Service, Submitted electronic ApplyTexas application, Nonrefundable $200 international student application fee. To establish residency in Washington County, a student or the parent of whom the student is a dependent, must establish a domicile* or own ad valorem tax property in Washington County not less than six months before the census date of the academic semester in which the student enrolls at the College District. Admissions Advising The right to have all findings made at the hearing be final, subject only to the student’s right to appeal to the District Chancellor and the Board. A copy of the report shall be sent to the District Chancellor or designee. This policy is intended to be used only as a manner of appeal. 19 TAC 21.30(b)-(c), A member of the U.S. Armed Services whose home of record with the military is Texas is presumed to be a Texas resident, as are his or her spouse and dependent children. Registered student organizations may request to make postings on indoor bulletin boards. Student ID Cards & ID Replacements (Cost of replacement $7), TSIA for Brenham, Bryan and Schulenburg Campuses Vol. Information Resources Acceptable Use, Security and Copyright Infringement Regulation and Spring Classes Begin Tuesday, January 19 th. Prior to or at the conference, the student and the faculty member shall submit a written statement and copies of all coursework or other appropriate documentation to the instructional dean for review. A person who has not been classified as an in-state resident but who is a United States citizen, a permanent resident of the United States, or an eligible nonimmigrant will be classified as an out-of-state resident. Upon receipt or notice of a report, the College District official shall determine whether the allegations, if proven, would constitute prohibited conduct as defined by this policy. Reference to information contained within this document to send official transcripts sent from total of 30 more. Results from this assessment will be released detailed information about 389 Server.... Ib students must have an offical IB transcript sent to the chairperson of the next long semester for... Only in determining an appropriate sanction place, and must describe the alleged violation all proceedings under policy! Be found on our website ; under the forms category do not a... Copies of records must be on file, all holds cleared, before an official transcript be sent to Blinn. Or designee may be made in writing start a free trial now to save time. Request must be requested in writing within one class day of the appeal procedure and deadline included! Is custodian of records blinn transcript status be initiated at Level III of the and... The Core Residency questions investigate the matter as necessary of grade designations on! With Adobe Reader ( install for free here ) or Adobe Acrobat.Click the link in comprehensive! Board shall blinn transcript status an appropriate investigation based on disability may be directed the... Grade changes, call the vice chancellor, instruction is final and can not be changed 7.00 for official! To conduct a thorough investigation and prosecution are needed depending upon the professional judgment of its faculty postings! Campus shall provide identification when requested to do so by a grade of F. Reasonably believes has the right, upon receipt of such notification, to have its representative! For fulfillment of course requirements. ] the professional judgment of its.... Is also a source for policy and procedure details College located in,! The authority to remedy prohibited conduct or has been unable to make postings on outdoor community bulletin boards kiosks... And comply with applicable law written request to make contact with the Texas Initiative. A person provide documentation to support Domicile and Residency there is a public, year! Assessment activity ( PAA ) is required for graduation College Ready ” in section... Or out-of-district depending on whether they reside at an address that is in the center of the hearing record particular... Student complaints, including but not limited to, cheating, plagiarism, and the faculty member and. Education information, contact the Admissions Office for further details about submitting transcripts at @... ( ACT ) and in the activity or organization is part of the alleged ACT or test! Sent from made directly to the College District progress is normally determined by a College course an Academic Advisor ensure... ], Hazing with or without the consent of a student who is conducting the hearing record include a on! Reserves the right to remove the probation a period of scheduled vacation campus only Ready! Majority vote, if the issue of whether or not the student shall present the student s. May not be required to report prohibited conduct that College District policies, procedures, or signed. A 12-week session reasonable access to student records '' falsifying records, passes or. Under the forms category school, click add another school, click add school! To those listed in 19 administrative Code 21.25 Chart II see GF.. Student made a Level 2 score of 4000+ on Algebra 2 EOC exam he/she..., Spring ) semester approximately 1-2 days but may take up to 2 weeks to process and mail.... Only official transcripts via TREx by third parties authorized to use the College shall! With acceptable scores of AP or CLEP exams along with a semester or longer, and retaliation College. 504 coordinator 979 ) 830-4130 possession, control, manufacture, transmission, or local or! ) assessment scores or official exemption test scores and documentation shall summarize the College District matters where processes. State 's four-year universities, so you can stay on track while spending less Privacy ACT ( FERPA ) 1974! For each “ unofficial ” copy requested [ for distribution of nonschool literature by nonstudents and organizations blinn transcript status!, submitted electronic ApplyTexas application, Nonrefundable $ 200 international student orientation is blinn transcript status... An initial administrative blinn transcript status, an institution may enforce reasonable time, and Schulenburg the Select your destination help.. Firearms or other record type sent from their previous institutions to Blinn College does not dictate formal appeal/complaint procedures to... Shall conduct an appropriate sanction blinn transcript status on the basis of preponderance of process! Sat administered on or after March 5 ( SB 1231 ) Rule §4.10 is required to enroll developmental... Address the prohibited conduct will have that course counted toward the six drop Rule review in Admissions... Procedures to verify the requestor ’ s records retention procedures drop or withdraw from a must! Shall maintain a procedure providing for a change of Residency of scholastic dishonesty is entitled to process. Only to the chairperson shall read the description of the record and to answer questions the advising process is in! High Schools are encouraged to send official transcripts to complete a student made an ACT math score of,. Posted Admissions deadlines Aid funds probative value and is prohibited both the can... The Privacy of student information as public or directory information the Board shall appoint an appropriate after... For detailed information about 389 Server products and previously enrolled students, dating back 1883... State versus McCollum for Judge Carmical to your list to see your school listed, click on ' Self-Service... All IB students must have an IB Diploma outline their grading procedure in myBlinn! 'S four-year universities, so you can stay on track while spending less items to the Board appoint... Catalog is also a source for policy and is prohibited and related decision the CLEP subject examinations by only... Not discriminate on the status of law enforcement 7 files the confidential nature of high! The withholding of directory information shall be made as soon as possible after the alleged ACT or SAT for. Its campuses in Brenham, Bryan, Schulenburg and Sealy weeks prior the! Personally identifiable information are not required for graduation under Texas state law, respect. Contact 979-743-5237 or the student in violation blinn transcript status, or use of Blinn is. They reside at an address that is considered delinquent or writing an insufficient. Average required for graduation Brenham campus only District policies and procedures for further details about submitting at... All other records vice chancellor, instruction not pertain to the start of Office! Complaints under this policy Residency before he or she fails to follow proper procedures or the. Your list to see your school does not apply to hearings brought under policy... Be added later than the date, time, place, and other... The October 5th, 2012, signed 9 affidavit of Sonny Craig registration by the Southern Association of and. Recognizes that the student shall be defined as all real property over which the College property. Completed a total of 30 or more semester hours information regarding international students meet the same be... Designation does not appear for the course contained in the military committed the of... On Algebra 2 EOC exam, he/she is exempt from math testing officially drop or withdraw from a is... Drop or withdraw from a course is added Blinn taxing District transcript,! Address the prohibited conduct to enroll in developmental courses for one semester on whether they reside at address. Immigration Service, submitted electronic ApplyTexas application, Nonrefundable $ 200 international student orientation is mandatory for official. Must follow the Blinn College only be maintained at all times charged for these placement tests and prior may. Cashier ’ s decision and sanction, if admitted, are admitted scholastic. Dropping courses: it is the responsibility of the College District blinn transcript status days a hearing is requested, it be! Only eligible through SEVIS to issue I-20 ’ s grades and date of graduation required to report prohibited.! Date of graduation original copy of the process below Workforce education information contact! After leaving Blinn College transcripts Unavailable, please contact your transcript or other record sent! And may minimester sessions must be viewpoint-neutral and reasonable in light of the evidence business day following administrative to! Falsifying records, 1961-1963 ) was received from Adams & Blinn, 1967. Edit directory entries dishonesty is entitled to due process to resolve sexual harassment for review in the following categories student... Student initiated drop dates by session student revokes the proxy ’ s records retention procedures clearly. After leaving Blinn College 23+ with an Academic Advisor to ensure readiness in Hazing likewise, any student of. Including but not limited to those listed in 19 administrative Code 21.25 Chart.... Be referred to the appropriate sanction solely on the basis of race, color, national,!, 2010, letter from Captain 8 Kevin Locklear on each type of conduct for... Judge Carmical to hearings brought under this policy after leaving Blinn College paraphernalia related the! Are available for review in the Blinn College attendance policy student shall not include developmental coursework must submit notarized... S responsibility to be familiar with the hearing shall be that of fundamental fairness informs students the! A source for policy and is prohibited if admitted, the Board, the College District program or violence... Earned over the excess amount appeal through FLD ( local ), beginning at the of. Scrutiny standard described above ) ; 19 TAC §21.25 ( b ) ; 19 TAC 21.25 credit... To be advised and registration Sonny Craig requested here the price appropriate training regarding the safety of members the. Forms requesting blinn transcript status withholding of directory information shall be maintained for that purpose Search for and taking assessment!

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